Reader: Inflation eats my 3% raise before it arrives

Regarding how long Gannett’s biggest stockholders will wait for a company turnaround, a reader says in a new comment: “I’m one of the luckier ones, I guess — I have gotten a 3% raise every year I’ve been with the company. . . . But that 3% has been gone almost every year before it arrives, with the health premiums going up, up and up. That’s before you factor in the cost of living. Gas is painfully up. Groceries are way up. Everything is going up. I am noticing that financially, I am far behind where I was a few years ago. So I am keeping my eyes open for a new job, and I’ll be out of Gannett as soon as I can find one. I have worked hard to produce quality work, and the company has not given me any reason to stay.”

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One Response to “Reader: Inflation eats my 3% raise before it arrives”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    3 percent???
    That would be astonishing. In our “information center,” are lucky to get 1 percent.

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