Say, cheese!

Andre is the very colorful proprietor of the Croissant-Show cafe, in the fashionable shopping district not far from our Ibiza condo. He’s famous for his waxed mustache. I took this photo today with my MacBook Pro, while checking e-mail and watching hung-over party goers drifting into the cafe after a long night at the clubs.

[My crazy apple-green reading glasses, by Melissa Eyewear: $40: “As the baby boomer generation matures,” the retailer says, “they demand a quality, more trendy style reading glass”]

4 Responses to “Say, cheese!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, my!
    How toothy.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You look so gay. Have fun Jim and relax.

  3. Jim Hopkins Says:

    @6:57 pm: Mom? 😉

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Nice to see you fellas savoring the moment. (And who was it said you never smile?) You’re making me jealous. Enjoy!

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