Cutlines Only: The Des Moines Register

A stranded pig rests on a barn after Iowa River floodwater broke a levee near Oakville, The Des Moines Register says today. In nearby Burlington, “law enforcement officers are doing what a week ago would have been unimaginable — shooting hogs on sight as the animals try to climb to safety atop a levee that’s protecting thousands of acres of farmland.” Photo by Rodney White, Register.

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4 Responses to “Cutlines Only: The Des Moines Register”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is a great photo. It can represent what is happening to Gannett. The home under water can represent the sinking of Gannett and the pig can represent the neglected employees hanging on for dear life.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think the pig on top more closely represents Dubow riding on top of his sinking heap of Gannett. For now, he has found the only dry spot, and he is the only living thing left. He is so fat because he has kept his nose to the trough for way too long, and so his girth is responsible for pushing everything below him deeper into the rising waters while he waits for someone to come along and save him.

  3. jmoriello Says:

    Why wasn’t the photo mainstreamed with a black or Hispanic pig?

  4. Jim Hopkins Says:

    @10:32 p.m.: How do you know that’s not a caucasian Latino pig? 😉

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