Youth in Asia: How to get comments published

I recently wrote about the kinds of comments I’m likely to reject, now that I’m getting more picky about which ones to publish as traffic grows on Gannett Blog. Here, then, are some of the features in comments that are likely to make them more appealing:

  • Insight. Tell us something we don’t know. Offer what one of my favorite editors called “new” news — rather than repeating comments other readers have already posted.
  • Context. You are writing for more than 10,000 Gannett employees and other folks reading this blog in a typical month. With such a broad readership, you need to include enough details so your comment makes sense to people who don’t know your newspaper or TV station. For example, include job responsibilities when you reference someone by name. Your co-workers may know Suzie Q. Brown, but the rest of us need more information.
  • Style. You’re writing for an audience of smart, well-read, busy people. They appreciate good writing in all things — including comments. Before hitting the submit button, linger over your note a bit to make it more engaging.
  • Spell-check: It’s a lot eazier to understand you’re point when u observe conventional spelling and grammer ruules. Also, it makes your fellow readers look less stoopit!

Got a crazy comment that made it past your site’s filters? From a non-work computer, use this link to e-mail Commentz Korner. See Tipsters Anonymous Policy in the sidebar, upper right. Or leave a note in the comments section, below.

[Photo: the queen of irrelevant comments, Emily Litella of Saturday Night Live, played by the late Gilda Radner. Her character’s misunderstood commentaries included “Youth in Asia” when she meant “euthanasia”]

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