Beck: Inside the Argus Leader’s Clinton ‘maelstrom’

Top editor Randell Beck faced a “maelstrom” after that Argus Leader editorial board meeting with Hillary Rodham Clinton, where she created headlines mentioning Robert F. Kennedy‘s 1968 assassination. The newspaper in Sioux Falls, S.D., did a great job: It quickly published video of her remarks, plus a transcript, drawing a surge of readers when the video spread to cable and broadcast TV.

“Visits were up nearly 40% from the previous month,” Beck writes in yesterday’s edition of the weekly News Watch, published by the News Department. “Unique visitors jumped nearly 160%. At last count, the video had generated more than 1.2 million viewed minutes.”

Beck says he learned three big lessons from the experience: Streaming video works. Editors must be ready for a video to go viral. And the medium’s transparency is a good thing.

Gander? It’s Goose — again
As we discussed the other day, News Watch could be a rich multimedia showcase for Gannett’s best work — an online classroom to discuss outstanding journalism. (I’m not afraid of competition!) For example, look at Beck’s piece yesterday: He’s writing all about a video, plus associated stories — without News Watch providing so much as a single link, so readers could easily watch and read on their own. Hello! Linking and embedding aren’t hard. Look what I’ve just done here:

(Confidential to Phil Currie: Little annoys the community newspapers more than Corporate’s piling additional digital work on already overstretched newsrooms — when you guys can’t seem to use the most basic technology tools yourselves.)

[Image: this morning’s Argus Leader, Newseum]

4 Responses to “Beck: Inside the Argus Leader’s Clinton ‘maelstrom’”

  1. Fake Phil Currie Says:

    We would link to the video, but we’d have to make a coversheet for it first.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Jim: From one blogger to another, what tools did you use to embed the Hillary video into your blog? It is terrific.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe next they’ll work on recognizing news and writing a story in a hurry, because they appeared to have completely missed the ramifications of what Clinton said at first and I didn’t see any copy other than a few paragraphs on their website all day.

  4. Jim Hopkins Says:

    I used the embed code, available right on the video player’s toolbar.

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