Reader: ‘A classic clusterfuck, Courier-Post style’

Updated at 8:03 p.m. PT: A reader says in a new note in the comments section, below: “I know of at least one Features reporter who was denied the buyout. This was a classic clusterfuck, Courier-Post style. How about approaching the most senior members of the staff, one at a time, until you get the desired number of acceptees?”

Earlier: Regarding big job cuts now underway at five New Jersey newspapers, a Gannett Blog reader says they’re “disgusted” by what happened at their paper, the Courier-Post in Cherry Hill. “The initial offer, understandably, divided the newsroom into two tiers — the writers who were offered a buyout and the editors who were not,” the reader told me in an e-mail. “Much anger from veteran editors who complained they were not included. After achieving that demoralizing outcome, the C-P and Gannett have put a wedge between the people who were offered a buyout and the ones who received it.”

Join the lively debate on how many N.J. staff sought buyouts.

[Image: screenshot of the C-P’s home page, now reporting: “A cancerous brain tumor caused the seizure Sen. Edward M. Kennedy suffered over the weekend, doctors said today in a grim diagnosis for one of American politics’ most enduring figures. Kennedy is 76]

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Can anyone in the C-P newsroom confirm that 3 reporters who accepted their buyout offers had those offers rescinded?

    The executive editor and managing editor are so hated at this point that I have no idea how they walk in the door each day.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I know of at least one Features reporter who was denied the buyout. This was a classic clusterfuck, Courier-Post style. How about approaching the most senior members of the staff, one at a time, until you get the desired number of acceptees?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    We should be happy that “only” three reporters are leaving the C-P. I was expecting to lose at least twice that.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Nearly 10 newsroom staffers made life-changing decisions and agreed to the buyout. Only 3 were granted the buyout.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    This would all be solved if New Jersey just floated into the Atlantic. These New Jersey people are lucky they have a job.

    THIS is the biggest Gannett Foundation contribution…Emplying people at the Jersey papers.

    Hey, I hear they are hiring for the Turnpike Toll Collectors.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    “How about approaching the most senior members of the staff, one at a time, until you get the desired number of acceptees?”

    That’s what Florida Today did. Every day we got to see some luck soul parade up company street to HR and while they couldn’t say anything we all knew what was up. Maybe it was the look of joy in their eyes.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    One metro reporter at the CP, one features reporter and one reporter on what’s left of the business staff were denied buyouts after making agonizing decisions over the last week on Gannett’s deadline. It’s just more inhumanity in a newsroom where the misery factor is off the charts. The accounting scandal in NJ bumped the C-P off the radar screen after poopgate, and in spite of the fact scores of people demanded to talk to two corporate HR people here, despite a visit from big Phil Currie himself — who talked to only one department head — nothing was done, except for handing everyone new time sheets that may as well be punch cards. Management here, right up to the clueless publisher, has been responsible for an exodus in the newsroom that never ends. Twenty-one people left since Jan. 1, not including buyouts. That doesn’t include the people who were driven out previously by the managing editor, who has been making people miserable since her days as assistant managing editor. The EE is yet another example of failed editors who made their way to this Siberia of Gannett properties.

    Now you’ve got a gulag.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Posted tonight on… and it’s not the only posting for Cherry Hill…HUH?!?

    The Courier-Post, South Jersey’s largest newspaper and information center is seeking an assistant metro editor.

    This editor is responsible for assisting the metro/local news editor in the supervision of the metro staff. This editor plays a key role in ongoing daily and long-term planning and in the direct supervision of reporters and news assistants in the editor’s absence. Late-shift editors run the metro desk at night, working closely with the News Desk, and help plan some special projects. Assistant Metro Editors work with an emphasis toward online news delivery with speed and creativity. Candidates will have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent with a background in journalism. Minimum 3 years reporting or editing experience required. Previous supervisory experience preferred. Experience on the Web is a must.

    When you join the Courier-Post, you will be part of Gannett Co., Inc. – one of the largest media organizations in the world. We offer an excellent benefits package to include medical, dental, vision, life insurance and 401(k) upon completion of a 90-day introductory period. EOE, Women and minorities encouraged to apply.

    Please submit resume and salary requirement to: Courier-Post, Attn: Human Resources, PO Box 5300, Cherry Hill, NJ 080034 or

  9. Anonymous Says:

    What’s interesting is the capitulation of the C-P not only to the Gloucester and Burlington County Times, but also to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Here’s the deal: Even though the paper covers three counties, the latest readership survey showed the strongest county as Camden. No real surprise there. Camden is now the paper’s core area, which means less focus on the other two counties, save for the county-specific geo-zone, tmc, whatever-bullshit-you-want-to-call-it sections.

    The Inquirer just acquired the C-P’s Camden reporter to be it’s, wait for it, wait for it, new Camden beat reporter. Three weeks ago, the paper lost its highly-esteemed sports editor to the Inquirer. Guess what? He’s the new South Jersey scholastic sports writer.

    Philadelphia Media Holdings, parent company of the Philadelphia Inquirer, also acquired the C-P’s former features and metro editor for a spot in its online entity

    Not to mention the former publisher and advertising director who took the express train to 400 Broad St., Philadelphia, last year.

    The most upsetting thing about the whole situation is the paper’s tattered reputation. In the NJ group, the Courier-Post always was one of the most respected papers. Why Gannet thought it a reasonable idea to transplant the virus at the Tennessean (EJ Mitchell) to Cherry Hill is beyond everyone. Why the former publisher of the worst performing paper in NJ was transferred to Cherry Hill is yet another ‘What the fuck?’

    The most egregious error is disservice done to the paper’s once loyal readers. Marketing can spin its readership survey 8 ways from Sunday, but both readers and staff know shit from Shinola.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    The Courier-Post once had a sterling reputation. Very profitable. Led by editors with vision. Staffed by savvy reporters who knew how to report and write. Now it’s being led by a callous publisher, an unqualified executive editor and a managing editor who has alienated the entire staff. There is not a single reporter – or editor – who is not actively seeking another job or contemplainting a career change in public relations or some other journalistic-related profession. Newsroom morale has sunk every month in the last year and is now beyond recovery. Gannett has done everything to exacerbate the situation and nothing to remedy it. . . Meanwhile, the product has slowly deteriorated. The paper is a shadow of its former self. The recent buy out is only the latest scandal. Staff veterans – the heart and lifeblood of this newspaper – were treated like disposable refuse. The end is near. . .

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t know what universe the people posting comments are living in but writing as a long-time CP reader, not employee, it’s never been a good newspaper nor has it ever had a “sterling” reputation in the community. Anything but. My family has always subscribed to it simply because it was the only SJ daily. But we always get the Philly paper(s), too. And as for the Inky poaching CP staffers, it’s done that for decades and most CP staffers couldn’t wait for the day when they were approached by any of the Philly papers, past and present. Stop trying to make yourselves feel better by claiming the CP to be journalistic hallowed ground. The paper sucks.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    good point, anon 109. what ever happened with that “accounting scandal” in NJ. Never had the follow-up to the big build-up you gave, Jim, about the sudden departure of Gandhi … you certainly alluded to having the info on what happened. don’t employees, shareholders, even customers deserve to know what you — or others — have?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    jim, appears mr. gandhi has joined his former NJ colleagues at Philadelphia Media Holdings, where he was announced today as publisher and chief poo-bah of their weekly operation. any comment on whether this was why he was shown the door at E Bruns? certainly takes the wind out of those “scandal” rumors

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Dear C-P reader:

    If our paper sucks so bad, why do the Philly papers keep poaching our staff? I think it’s because we have a lot of really good people here, even still.

    Yes, we aren’t a big city paper, but give us a break. Despite horrible morale, the deep losses in our newsroom and heartless management, the C-P rank-and-file are doing their best to cover three counties with what little resources we have left.

    Where’s the love?

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Anon 7:13: I don’t have to have any “love.” I am a reader not an employee. You publish a newspaper. I pay for it. If you don’t meet my expectations or standards, you don’t meet the them. Why that happens isn’t really my concern. Consumers don’t want explanations for poor performance, they want it fixed. End of story. Maybe the end of our decades-old subscriptions, too.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Anon 8:42: As a reader, then, what exactly is it that you want that you aren’t getting (and apparently have never gotten)? Believe it or not, those of us doing the grunt work want the readers to like the product and continue reading it. In my experience, the people who like to say that their local paper “sucks” are the ones least likely to articulate what it is they want.

  17. Anonymous Says:


    Is the Ketan Gandhi post above true (jumped ship to Philly), and if so why haven’t you confirmed it and posted it by itself, given the interest? If it isn’t true, why not set record straight?


  18. Anonymous Says:

    The paper was at its best under Skip Hidlay and Larry Rosenthal, and that was what, six or seven years ago? It’s all fluff now. There’s no special investigations, series, or political coverage anymore.

    But, if you’re house is getting an extreme makeover, the CP is like flies on shit. Joyce Gabriel drove that Pulitzer-worthy dreck. She’s a Jenius.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    i stopped the paper (Courier-Post)
    specifically because i couldn’t take another picture of that damned dog giving away another chincy gift certificate to supposed reader at a diner. there’s plenty of room for many pictures across the week and they fill space that otherwise could be used for other news-related content. for whatever reason, i guess it’s easier to grab a shot of the pup than it is to have a reporter develop any type of a local story and present that within the news columns.

    frankly, for a local paper, there’s very little local news. that spot news animal had its name taken from the way newspapers covered breaking news, but today his time is perhaps long gone …

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Everyone is asking why Ketan left Gannett. Is it really possible that all of you are that stupid? Ketan was one of the brightest execs in Gannett. He has the rings and awards to prove it. The problem is that his boss (Tom Donavan) is a complete moron. I mean come on, the guy gets transplanted from Westchester where the profit margin was next to zero. Tom never had an original thought and it was pretty obvious that he and Ketan wouldn’t get along simply because Tom knew that Ketan was much smarter then he was. The people in Bridgewater shouldn’t complain about anything…that paper should have been closed or sold ten years ago. The whole management team there are people that were regects from other papers. Ketan was announced in Philly as publisher of Broad Street Mag (which is owned by the Inquirer), plus he gets to work with his old buddies. Tom came into the Press promising new jobs, improved morale, new products and so on but he hasnt done shit becasue he not capable of following through on anything. A company with 50k employees really scraped the bottom of the barrel to get that asshole in there just so he could hide in his office when tough decisions had to be made. Rumor has it that the paper actually lost money in December. So, it would appear that Donavan is bringing his incompetence with him to New Jersey. If any of you have an once of sense you’ll worry about what’s going to happen next with Donavan at the helm and stop worrying about what Ketan is doing since obvisously he landed on his feet. If any of you don’t believe me, call Tom Donavan and have a conversation with him….it’ll take you about two seconds to know that he doesn’t have a clue and is even further away from a plan to turn New Jersey around. Gannett better worry about losing more people to Phlly and maybe they should start a campaign to start trying to get some of the ones who left back at the Courier before the paper becomes a weekly just like that dumb ass donavan did with the Ocean County Observer. Wake up people, you’re all starting to sound pretty stupid!!!!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    hey Ketan
    Bitter much??

  22. Anonymous Says:

    In response to 1:32 PM, please note.
    Pay no attention to that man (woman) behind the curtain. They’re just trying to divert your attention from the real cause of the effect; the Collins Curse of which there was 10 years of rape and pillage brought upon the business and employees at the Press. Obscene profits that Collins, Gandhi, etal. were fully aware that they were unsustainable but could have given a rat’s ass because they got to pocket the big coin. Nobody could undo the damage in the 10 months that Donovan has been at the Press what Collins did in 10 years.
    Next, for the uninitiated, the ‘3 rings’ referred to above have no bearing on the quality of any executive within the Gannett circus. It’s simply one of the spoils that are allowed to be given to the Pub’s that bring home the biggest bucks to the corporate clowns.
    As for people moving over to the Philly papers to be with their cronies; please go! And remember that you are working for a group on private investors who don’t care about anything but money; just like you. Car pool anyone?
    Finally, it is clear that your day is over. Your protectors are gone, and you are being seen for what you are. A collaborator with the greedy and selfish few who, for a couple of bucks and favors, turned your back on other employees. I think it’s time for you to move on. Maybe you can drive for the car pool to Philly?

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe what 1:32 PM wrote is the actual truth. Maybe Ketan was a product of just another hard working Gannett employee being shown the door for no apparent reason other than he didn’t get along with his boss.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Regarding what anon 8:04 PM said about the ring not having much to do with the quality of an executive in Gannett is absolutely true. Everyone knows that the whole ring deal is political and awarded only to people at the bigger papers, or newer papers to Gannett that have to be Gannetized. Year after year I have seen people passed by that should have won over the actual winners. Maybe in order to be fair the winners should be selected by their peers.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    For 8:04am. it’s pretty obvious that you’re one of the ones that just don’t get it. I don’t work for Gannett and have nothing to gain from my note. I know Collins and Gandhi. you obviously have a hard-on for Collins (probably becasue you’re one of the ones that couldn’t perform up to his standards). I agree his standards were high (obviously too high for you). Instead of bitching about Collins, why don’t you leave Gannett and see if anyone would higher you with your attitude. It’s obvious you have nowhere to go since you’re still there. Asbury became very profitable under Collins (something the family owners couldn’t do). i guess you forget it’s a business first and a newspaper 2nd. It’s not a non-profit. my guess is that you’re one of the regects that works at Bridgewater. Maybe Donavan can’t change in 10 months what Collins did in 10 years but his track record for losing money at West Chester is well documented. Asbury is simply over his head. he came in riding a white horse with the promise of new jobs, changes and a new culture. Now that horse is running on three legs. he was forced to do buyouts and since the announced buyouts i understand he just hides in his office so nobody can ask him a question. He couldn’t carry Collins lunch (nor ketan’s). you drank the koolaid. remember, everyone has choices…leave. you obviously didn’t leave because you have nowhere to go. but since you are so down on companies making money, maybe you go go work for a non profit since. you must be related to Donavan. but, don’t tell anyone becasue they’ll be moving you out at the same time they’re moving his incompetent ass out. Gannett wont put up with his non-performing, clueless ass. they are outsourcing jobs to india and you ant best believe that they won’t stop untill almost the whole paper is outsourced. Truckers, mailers, pressmen, copy editors beware, you’re not safe.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    So, 11:24 AM, you don’t work for Gannett, but you know Collins and Gandhi. (Actually, I thought from your spelling and grammar that you might have been one of the “editors” or “copy editors” that Collins foisted upon departments back in September.)

    (Come to re-read the post, maybe Collins wrote it.)

    How could anyone perform up to Collins’ standards when no one knew what they were? This made it very convenient to manage by “is that all you did?”

    The Press started losing money after Collins allowed positions go dark just to strive to make that 20% profit margin his corporate masters demanded.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    So, we have Ketan Gandhi, who was doing a great job, fired, escorted out of his office unceremoniously and out of the building for being too smart.

    (So where’s the lawsuit?)

    He was so smart that Virginia didn’t even try to protect him. And so smart that he didn’t get the publisher’s position for which everyone thought Collins was grooming him.

    (Does anyone remember which string talked about Gandhi’s cleavage obsession?)

    And now there’s Donovan, the “Anti-Collins,” who will rescue the New Jersey papers. (Why isn’t he mentioned in the posts about the Westchester papers being “one of the ‘greatest failures'”?)

  28. Anonymous Says:

    11:24 AM , boy what a rag! Mrs. Collins or her offspring weighing in here? Any how, rebuttal is here;
    Me? Manager, mid-level, non-newsroom.
    Performance? I have a hand written note from Collins saying my team and I were a big part of the success over the first couple years at the Press. Never a bad perf eval.
    Leave? Did that. Got more money. Bigger company that is growing, not shrinking. Get this: $.60/mile for travel!
    Hard On? YES! The thing that you should consider is; why the hard on? Valid or not? I think valid. I saw bad performance not among the ranks, but by the leadership (I use the term loosely, but you catch my drift). Short sighted decisions to save money that impact on the product. I had no problem with saving money, but when the product becomes less and less, who does anyone think they’re kidding? Customers aren’t as stupid as your average Publisher. It showed. At time when greater value was needed in the product, we made it less, to keep up a prescribed margin of profit that needs to be adjusted to reality of the market. I didn’t want to see this survive; I wanted to see it thrive! But like all living things, it needed something to sustain it, and they (Collins, etal.) starved it to death by cutting off investment and putting the cash in their pockets and of those who prescribed the diet.
    Finally, the question of style in leadership. Effectively, Collins, Gandhi and crew found input to be a form of insubordination. Hence, the reactions of those who survived were to not to offer any, and the indelible mark of the aforementioned executives was left upon the company in the form of the current trend. Why? Getting berated in the OC meeting? Getting called in to be told you suck? Threatened? Subject to a foul remarks that reflect on people personally? Given demeaning assignments to show you who’s the boss and strike some fear in the masses? A culture was created of borderline ethics in the interest of profits that would never stand the scrutiny of the shareholders. And now there is a lingering question left after the departure of Gandhi. He was a willing waterboy.
    Collins was not from the thinkers, as noted by 8:43 PM. Nothing ever articulated as a goal, just there to second guess you after the fact. Brilliant.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    To 11:24am. obviously this is pointless since you appear to have no clue. The press never lost any money under Bob Collins. But, it is losing money now. As i said before, i agree that Bob’s standards were high, but he took care of the people who could reach them. I don’t suppose you’re one of those who could reach them. Again, it’s pretty easy to hide behind a blog, what you really should be doing is looking for work. If what i think is true (you working in Bridgewate), next year this time that property wont exist. If you work at the Press, your job will be outsourced with the year. They are in the process of outsourcing copy editors, truckers, toning and they are shopping the printing at other properties. i know this for a fact. The mailers, pressmen and anyone over at the Freehold plant will be history. Their biggest mistate was to not organize when they had the chance ten years ago. Donavan has no clue, he’s used to losing money so to take Asbury to the point of zero profit won’t matter to him becasue that’s what’s he’s used to. Once again, Tom didn’t like Ketan because Ketan was and is smarter then Tom. But, don’t take my word for it….time will show you and so will the unemployment line.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe Gandhi didn’t get the promotion in Asbury Park because he wasn’t one of SCJ’s cronies. Isn’t that what it takes to get anywhere in this company? Isn’t it who you know and not so much what you know?

  31. Anonymous Says:

    5:51 AM I can’t imagine that you really think that the current state of affairs with the NJ properties is not in any way related to the Collins stewardship, and lack of vision. Laying it on this guy (Donovan) is the classic approach that Collins would take. Give somebody else up to take the bullit for the crap he made or failed to take responsiblity for. Not to mention your total lack of sensitivity about those people who you now practically threaten with their jobs. That is truly Collins-like.
    Who would they pay to print/insert and deliver the paper(s)? Borg? Newhouse? Please, such stupidity can only be found at the corporate level.
    I’m afraid that you didn’t read (or comprehend)what was said before. Personal hand written thanks? Working better job at higher pay? Never a bad evalution? Collins put his mark on every single one. I’m also a shareholder so my expectations are as high as anyone, just not as stupidly thought out as Collins’ and Gandhi’s direction for the company. No long term sustainable plan. Just get to the next quarter or year end a get the incentives in your executive pockets. And then get out to find some other sap to do it all over again.
    You’re right about one thing. They should of organized when they had the chance. But perhaps that chance is coming around again?
    If you’d like to meet somewhere public to debate this, I’d be glad to buy you a beer, if you’re of drinking age. You could well be a Collins protege based on your comments. Perhaps they will find a cure for it.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    I’ll take a wild guess and say that you would have never mentioned those things to Bob himself? of course not, that would be too “stand up”. don’t know how long you’ve been with the company but maybe you should be reminded that when Bob took over the APP it went from barely profitable to double digit profits within a year. Now Tommy boy is taking it back to single digits or zero (whichever comes first). Say what you want about Collins style of management. He was with the company for over 40 years and retired extrememly wealthy….i’d say he did something right. You’re still working probably nowhere near the six figure number yet which is why you’re bitching. I don’t drink so i’ll pass on the beer, however, i’d debate Bob vs anybody anytime and anywhere.. just know what you’re talking about first because i sure as hell do.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    If bob was such a great leader, why did his profit margin decline steadily over the last seven years?

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Ad hominem attacks are the fallback of all those without a legitimate argument. The Collins and Gandhi defender has taken that route. No beer? Okay, than let’s have a kool aid (or drink of your choice) together. I’ll buy. Unless of course you don’t want to stand up to me? And I don’t even hold your job in my power, so why shrink from my invitation?
    And your equation of Wealth = Success is not quite as strong of a correlation as you might think. Money is not what makes everyone happy, a concept that may be foreign to you and your Collins-esque types.
    Anytime, anywhere? Say when and where.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, I’d like to join your boys night out! Your invite coupled with an anonymous signature doesn’t exactly equal hospitality. Name the place, date and time and I bet you get yourself a good old fashioned town meeting!

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Boys night out? i was assuming by the “hand written note” part that i was communicating with a female. Since i’m not from that part of that part of the state you’ll have to guide the way.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    now maybe you’ll believe me Karen M. I told you Donavan was an asshole and couldn’t manage. he was a loser in West Chester and will continue to be a loser in Asbury. he couldn’t even meet with employees, have financial people on hand, people who could explain pensions and so on….that’s lay off 123. He won’t be there long. he hid in his office and watched the people leave from his bridge. He left a letter on their desk. Coward. Asshole, Incompetent. and you thought collins was so bad. you drank the koolaid girl.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    10:46 AM, I’m still waiting…How about Beacon Street for the place? You can pick the time…I’d guess with all the people getting layed off, we could get a real good crowd on Friday afternoon. You could use it as a forum for your pro-Collins argument and how because of his direction the company is in the shape it is…or maybe not?

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Collins has skyrocked hundreds of careers. He only lost one in the process which i’m hurt him but rumor has it they’re still friends. He helped you too. you were nothing before he got there and you know it. There are people trained by Collins in almost every Gannett newspaper. by the way, the new jersey newspaper group wasn’t in this shape when he was here. there were no layoffs. yes, the assholes were transfered to different jobs but they didn’t even deserve that. maybe he should have done that with you too….or, did he? Beacon street would work

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Saturday 6pm Beacon Street. I’ll be the one drinking the coke. i don’t expect you’ll show but just for the hell of it, i’ll show up.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    What the hell is Beacon Street, or should I say where?

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Hundreds? Name 5 still within the Gannett fold of executives? And you can’t count anyone left over from his departure last August. The few I know that left standing up went away to get away from him. See ya at 6. I’ll be carrying or reading a newspaper.
    Anyone else? Beacon Street Grill on Rt 66 in Neptune. It’s right down the block from the Press.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t count on the Press covering the town meeting..Its too LOCAL for them!

  44. Anonymous Says:

    as expected….you were a no show. no newspaper, no nothing but a bunch of drunks.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    If you were drinking a coke I might have said something, but since you had ice tea..well I learned enough watching you order your drink to know that there was something not connected correctly. So I choose to remain anonymous for safety’s sake. To those of you following this, my pro-Collins adversary is apparently an advertiser. Clueless as could be about how to sustain a business like a newspaper. Although a used car salesmen and Collins probably share a similar moral compass, and hence the apparent affection shown to one of the biggest assholes ever to grace the toilet known as Gannett.
    I’m sure he made you feel good or like a somebody, but that was for one reason only; to get your money. He’d kiss your ass on the brown spot if it would get him a dime. And when you walked out the door, he’d be saying all manner of nasty or personally derisive remarks. Maybe he called you jerk, or dweeb, or even a-hole. But if there was anything to poke at for his own personal pleasure, you can be sure he mocked you once out of ear shot. In a way I feel bad for you, that you show this misplaced loyalty. But I can tell you from first hand observation, he doesn’t deserve it. Give him a call. Stop by his house. See if you can get to see him. And make sure you tell him about how you’re the only supporter he has in this blog. Come on, you got a big set, give it a go.
    BTW, did you come up with 5 names yet?

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Asking for 5 names was so stupid that i couldn’t lower myself to respond. I don’t drink iced tea either. Coke and sometimes diet coke…that’s it. you didn’t show missy and that’s all there is to it. As far as calling Collins, i speak to him on a regular basis thank you very much. Been to his homes, boats and can tell you anything you want to know about him. one thing i can tell you is that he NEVER kissed anyone’s ass (on the brown spot) or anywhere else. He didn’t have to. You are correct, i’m the only supporter of him on this blog which is strange but not too surprising since the other people whose career he jump-started appear pretty much like you…”what have you done for me lately”. Sam S, Gary D, Walt L, Mark F, Charlie N. None would have gotten to where they are without him. As i’m sure your dumb ass knows there are many many more in other States, but since your knowledge appears to be limited to New Jersey i’ll just stick with that. Where you’re serious about talking, let me know. i know you took the buyout so you have nothing to lose. he has invited his whole management group to his home. the whole management group went fishing with him. these people know him and know what you’re saying is horseshit.

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe you should ask “the management group” if they agree with you. Only one did.

  48. Anonymous Says:


  49. Anonymous Says:

    i guess that was supposed to mean something but i must be too slow to comprehend it. i’m getting too old for riddles so say what you mean or shut up. you’re not getting any younger either there missy

  50. Anonymous Says:

    Yikes! is right. Glad I had the good sense to avoid you. I’ve had enough of this. Enjoy your realtionship with Collins…. Scary, you two are! Bye.

  51. Anonymous Says:

    I could care less who is at fault, Collins, Ketan, or Tom. But the papers showed steady decline since Gannett took over in ’97. It’s corporate ultimately that let these papers lose and lose while they kept reaping in big pay increases and bonuses. ie: Dubrow. Tomorrow is another day… may be my last or a fellow co-worker(s). The bosses are coming up to see us at the HNT. The connection to India is complete and we may be done and over with. Irish Wake to follow.

  52. Anonymous Says:

    Hey! The YIKES came from me, a third party reading your lovely exchange. Nothing cryptic in my comment, just that you two sound angry! Go figure.

  53. Anonymous Says:

    To 6:25 AM: If you look around, the entire newspaper industry has been in a steady decline, not just the papers in Jersey; therefore, I don’t think you can be so shortsighted as to blame the steady decline in Jersey on the fact that Gannett took over those papers and now look what happened. If you look at the auto industry, the airline industry, the list goes on and on, they’re suffering as much as newspapers right now, if not more. Is corporate Gannett to blame for their problems, also? These industries are also laying off hundreds of employees in order to keep their companies running. This is the way things are right now, unfortunately. We are in a recession. To blame the folks at corporate or the management teams for what is going on with the economy as a whole is not really taking a look at the big picture. It’s easier to blame the people in charge than it is to accept the reality of a situation, isn’t it?

  54. Anonymous Says:

    You have a just and valid point. As this is true and it’s happening all over, how do the corporations expect to do better if everyone ends up on unemployment? Can’t buy when you don’t have a steady job. Can’t invest in the economy of this nation, if your money is tight. Just can’t.

  55. Anonymous Says:

    12:04 PM, you’re absolutely right, but what is the solution? If Gannett were to keep everyone in their respective positions at the paper and just ride out the storm, how would that affect the business in the long run? Would Gannett still be standing when the storm passes, or would it be in trouble financially?

  56. Anonymous Says:

    I know of a few people that have been brought back to a different position in the company after getting laid off,but with a higher salary then before.So then how does this save money?

  57. Anonymous Says:

    A few comments about some of the more recent posts;
    Yes, it is fair to blame management and corporate for the current state of affairs. THEY are responsible for setting the course that the business takes. When times were good, they took the money for themselves, rather than strengthening the product. Would things be as bad now, if they had not cut things to the bone when there was money to invest? I can tell you this; those people would NOT accept your excuse for poor performance, why should you accept theirs? A lack of vision and foresight. Those areas are included in managements’ job descriptions.
    And as for someone coming back in a job that paid more; it makes perfect Gannett sense.

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