Navigationally yours: A new, improved search box

Wonder if I’ve written about something? Now, you can use Search Gannett Blog, Etc., in the green sidebar, upper right.

One Response to “Navigationally yours: A new, improved search box”

  1. Gannett Exile Says:

    While you were away, our old friend Tom Curley, former pres and publisher of USA TODAY, was making news. According to the AP: “Newspaper editors let loose a barrage of criticism for the new Associated Press rate structure after an appearance by AP President and CEO Tom Curley at the American Society of Newspaper Editors’ conference in Washington, D.C. Editors have reacted bitterly to the higher rates associated with next year’s Member Choice plan, which will give members access to all breaking news, regardless of location or category, to the service’s subscriber papers. Attendees’ ire was also raised over recent comments from AP officials who say newspapers make up less than 30 percent of the organization’s revenue, since they are still the single largest group of AP customers. Martin Baron, editor of The Boston Globe tells Curley: ‘You need to cut our rates 30 percent. If you want to do that, that would make us happy.'”

    That a way to go Tommy!Good time to jack the rates. Need a shovel to help fill in that grave?

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