Datelines: Donuts delivered, lakes choked

Datelines is an occasional roundup of news topping Gannett websites.

Burlington, Vt.: Dinky Donuts is delivering freshly made treats to customers’ homes — at the crack of dawn. Monroe, La.: Louisiana’s lakes are being invaded by exotic vegetation that threatens to choke the life out of them. Indianapolis, Ind.: For the first time in nearly two decades, presidential candidates will be fighting over state’s delegates. Great Falls, Mont.: The snowpack across most of Montana is slightly above the average for this time of year, authorities say. Tucson, Ariz.: A 15-year-old boy says he shot his father in the back of the head because he wouldn’t let the teenager use the Internet.

[Image: this morning’s News-Star, Newseum]

One Response to “Datelines: Donuts delivered, lakes choked”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    With four different VP’s of Advertising at the Gannett JOA in Tucson, I hope that the blood-letting is over. Four executives over five years is a bit much even for Gannett. The local ad community and retailers know the deal. The truth hurts.

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