Green Bay publishes Favre retirement extra

But Editor & Publisher asks whether quarterback Brett Favre’s retirement is worth a 12-page Green Bay Press-Gazette special edition.

Yepper, says Executive Editor John Dye. “It is one of our main news topics,” he says about Green Bay Packers coverage. “It depends on your perception of what a community newspaper is. We are already getting e-mails from people on where they can buy copies.”

The paper plans to distribute 50,000 extra editions beginning at about 3 p.m. CT through some 400 outlets, charging $1 per copy, E&P says. Dye said seven or eight pages had been built before today’s announcement that Favre, the 16-year veteran and Super Bowl champion, would not return for the next season.

[Hat tip, Romenesko; image: this morning’s Press-Gazette, Newseum]

One Response to “Green Bay publishes Favre retirement extra”

  1. TJ Says:

    You have to live in Wisconsin to understand that Favre’s retirement is like free money for the Press-Gazette and other Gannett newspapers.

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