Editor to editors: Video is ‘time-consuming’

Herald-Dispatch Executive Editor Ed Dawson offered an “editor’s view” on video training in August 2006, when Corporate rolled out its video-training program in a series of News Watch articles. From Dawson’s piece: “Video can be time-consuming, so editors will need to make sure that staffers have time to do the projects and hone their skills.”

That message didn’t seem to get to every editor, based on all the comments rolling in on recent Gannett Blog posts about video production challenges — here, here and here.

But maybe Dawson’s advice is moot? Nine months after he wrote that, Gannett sold the Herald-Dispatch to GateHouse Media. (Was it something Dawson said?) Then, after just three months’ ownership, Gatehouse sold the paper, to commercial printer and office supplies maker Champion Industries. Are your heads still spinning, former Gannettoids in Huntington, W. Va.?

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