Does Gannett’s News Division walk the walk?

The division’s weekly newsletter, News Watch, can be a real snooze. (Look for the next issue today on this site.) Editors invited to showcase their newspaper’s work too often seem determined to use every buzzword they’ve picked up during their last visit to Corporate.

Maybe the division’s Virtual Campus website offers more lively stuff. I don’t know, because it’s behind the company’s firewall, so I can’t reach it. If I could, here’s what I’d hope to find:

  • Daily blogs by News Division chief Phil Currie, his lieutenant Jennifer Carroll, and other division honchos who tell Gannett editors how to do their jobs. (And sometimes tell them to quit whining about growing workloads.) Unlike News Watch, which is a one-way “conversation” (I can use buzzwords, too!), blogs allow editors to offer immediate feedback on the division’s latest missives.
  • Videos. Dozens of them — personally shot, edited and uploaded by Currie and Carroll. Multimedia is critical to Gannett papers in the Seven Desk strategy. I’d like to think it’s a big part of the new work assumed by the News Division, too.

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