Incredible shrinking papers to shrink again

After completing a conversion of its 85 daily papers to 48-inch web size from 52 inches, Gannett is conducting a national review for a possible second cut to a 44-inch web, Editor & Publisher is now reporting. Austin Ryan, Gannett’s vice president over production, said the smaller size may be introduced in larger markets; he noted that The Indianapolis Star and The Courier-Journal in Louisville, Ky. are among the most likely candidates. “If they convert, it would be the first half of next year,” he said of the bigger papers.

3 Responses to “Incredible shrinking papers to shrink again”

  1. Scott Says:

    To put the 44 inch web into perspective, a single page will be about the size of your standard paper towel and posess about the same relevance as an information delivery device. Continually shrinking the package may enhance the newprint budget in the near term but will also hasten the circulation plunge in the long run.

  2. Editor Says:

    Gannett’s long-term plan seems to call for literally making its newspapers disappear, slowly, before our eyes. I guess the company hopes that by then, readers and advertisers will have migrated to the company’s websites. Or not.

  3. bill azar Says:

    I think the 0 in. will be the best one

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